“Kiana is so positive, energetic and motivating. Her professionalism and support made something overwhelming and hopeless doable. Now I have a room I love being in and a structure for keeping organized and on track. I also liked that Kiana took the items to Goodwill for me. The whole sorting process helped me get an idea of how to do it on my own. I also loved the before and after pictures so I could have visual proof of our accomplishments!” ~Julie A.

“I recommend Kiana to everyone. She was able to tailor her service to my unique needs. Everyone is different, and she makes a personalized plan for you—things I never would have thought of. She didn’t put me into a classification. She seemed to study me and my habits rather than the room itself. She noticed my patterns—that I’ll do what’s easiest; and she created systems to make everything within the easiest path. I’m an illustrator, and I’m unique in my work area. I used someone before that treated my artwork like it’s a hobby of mine, when in fact it’s all encompassing to my life. It’s how I think and act. Kiana listened to the few things I knew I needed, systems I thought would help me keep things organized; and she worked out how to put that together. My mind wanders very easily, and she kept me focused on the task at hand as we worked together. We were able to make my disorganized studio into a working office. I can find things now; and as long as I stick to the super simple plan, I’ll always be able to find things. It’s been over a month now, and it’s still clean, which is unheard of in my life. Her cost is also competitive and worth every penny. I’ll use Kiana in all future organizing aspects of my life.” ~Andrew D.

“I am a firm believer that a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. I love the satisfaction and the clarity that comes with an organized and orderly space. As much as I love this feeling, getting to this place of organizational zen can be a challenge. It’s easy for me to make excuses on why I should keep things, especially clothes. But with Kiana’s help, I was able to hold myself accountable and dispose of things I didn’t need. I was reminded I can get rid of the material items without losing the memories that I had. Kiana is the voice of reason one needs to reach their organizational, clutter-free Nirvana.” ~Jennifer B.

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