(Photo by Joshua Weaver)

Minimalism has continued to rise as a trend for many years now. From television shows about tiny homes to the international success of Marie Kondo’s joy-finding KonMari method, you’ve most likely heard about it somewhere along the way.

My advice is this: not everyone needs to become some sort of extreme minimalist in order to find joy and peace in their life, but everyone can benefit immensely from understanding minimalism a little more deeply.

Taking a moment to think more about how and why you have accumulated so much stuff, both personally and culturally, can have a large impact on your life and encourage different decision-making patterns moving forward.

For this reason, I strongly recommend the documentary Minimalism. Yes, these guys are extreme, and I’m definitely not suggesting that everyone pare down to one suitcase and live out of a car (I certainly haven’t!), but there are other insights to be gained from this film.

The filmmakers do a fantastic job of presenting the information in an interesting and fun way so that anyone, at any level of attachment to material items, can gain incredibly eye-opening and life-changing insights.

If you could only do one thing in your journey to get organized, watching Minimalism would be my first suggestion.

Unfortunately, this film is not very inclusive, and it can be fairly argued that these privileged white men are able to glamorize a lifestyle that many impoverished people have lived for decades. If you’re interested in reading more on those topics, check out Minimalism Is Not Just For White People by Tiffany Curtis and Is Minimalism for Black People by Cameron Glover.

Someone recently asked me if I was a minimalist. The answer is not a simple one. Like many labels in life, I think it’s all part of a spectrum. I exist somewhere on the spectrum of Minimalism, but I feel I still have a ways to go in figuring it out completely. It’s not an identity, but a way of thinking and living. Sometimes you may embrace it, and sometimes shy away. It’s all part of seeing the world through a clearer lens.

Minimalism is currently available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, iTunes, Google Play and DVD. Find out more here. Enjoy!

For more about me and how I got into professional organizing, check out “The Organizer Gene.”

(Photo by Matt D’Avella)


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